About Flex Coach George


What I do: Bodybuilding Contest Prep & Enhanced Physique Development Coach 

Who I work with: Primarily competitive athletes; Natural & Enhanced (Male & Female)  

Why I love being a Flex coach: It gives me an even bigger opportunity to continue doing what I love; help people achieve something extraordinary, but alongside a team of like-minded individuals who hold similar beliefs and truly care about each and every client

About me: I started my own journey of physique development a little over a decade ago, what started as a personal pursuit to better myself quickly evolved and my passion for helping people led me to becoming a coach. During which time my interest in the more taboo side of our industry developed which inevitably led me into competitive bodybuilding, with a new goal to help educate as well as coach people with the focus of optimising health and longevity within our sport.

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Intro to Nootropics & Dieting 

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#78 The Flex Success Podcast

Sex Differences In Fat Loss 

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Harm Prevention - Anabolic Use

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