Who We Are

Our Flex Success coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals while still eating the foods you enjoy. No diet pills or potions, just education and the food you love! We believe in a sensible and sustainable approach to nutrition where you, the client, learn the tools you need to reach and maintain your results well after your coaching services are complete.

What Do We Do? 

We provide individualised nutrition coaching and training programs to clients based on their individual goals. Through evidence-based principles, we educate clients on nutrition and macronutrient tracking, while teaching them how to develop a sustainable way of eating and an optimal way of training that can support any lifestyle.

Flex Success Is Here To Help You

  • Improve your relationship with food

  • Free yourself from yo-yo dieting

  • Never need to binge again

  • Learn how to read nutrition panels

  • Ensure you are eating the right balance of macronutrients for your individual needs

  • Improve your body composition

  • Continue eating the foods you enjoy, whilst still reaching your body composition goals

  • Improve performance and recovery

  • Help you see through superficial supermarket advertisements and packaging claims

  • Optimise athletic performance for all sports

  • No cookie cutter programs

  • No food type restrictions without reason

  • No unnecessary meal frequency rules

  • No dehydration techniques that cause more harm than good

  • No crash dieting

  • No social isolation from friends while still achieving physique goals

  • No quick fixes to make a fast buck

  • No claims of magic pills or potions

  • No coaching dictatorship where you are forced to eat or do things you do not enjoy

  • No claims without scientific support or reason

Are You An Athlete?

Coach Dean
  • Flex Success caters for all athletes, specialising in performance, recovery and energy optimisation through evidence-based training and nutrition advice for all amateur and professional athletes.

  • Nutrition guidelines utilising evidence-based principles to ensure macro and micronutrient intake are tailored to the individual athlete’s needs, ensuring performance and recovery are optimised.

  • Weekly accountability, feedback and check-ins using our live feedback system are utilised to ensure training, nutrition and recovery methods are up to date and fully accessible anywhere in the world.

  • We currently work with figure competitor's, physique athletes, bodybuilders, crossfitters, kickboxers, powerlifters, rugby league players and fitness competitors plus many more.

  • Training guidelines utilising progressive overload principles for hypertrophy optimisation for physique athletes and intensity, frequency and volume principles for strength and performance athletes.

  • Off-season programming to ensure the preparation phase of the individual athlete is optimised both nutritionally and physically prior to beginning a season or pre-contest preparation phase.

Where Are We Based?

Flex Success is an online coaching service working predominantly with clients in Australia, but also internationally. All information, coaching and feedback are easily accessible on a live, privatised check-in format, which is available worldwide. 

Skype and phone consultations are also available for current clients upon request.

Interested in coaching?

Why We Do It

Flex Success coaches strongly believe in keeping up-to-date with the most recent scientific evidence when it comes their coaching in nutrition and training. All coaching services are completely individualised, educational and sustainable so clients learn how to maintain their results long term. We provide evidence-based coaching to ensure the guesswork is removed and your results are optimised.