Flex Success are committed to raising the industry standard and creating permanent, positive change for everyone we work with.

Flex began in 2015 out of high demand for better quality nutrition coaching. We are an alternative to cookie-cutter diets and short weight loss challenges where results are near impossible to maintain.
We believe in a multilevel approach to nutritional interventions, offering supportive, evidence-based guidance to enhance client outcomes through education, client/coach partnership, and behaviour change. 


Coach Dean: 

Competitive bodybuilder, working exclusively with other competitive bodybuilders.

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Coach Lizzy: 

Former PT & 1on1 nutrition coach. Currently focusing on Flex education & transformation programs

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Coach Tom: 

Competitive powerlifter, med student, and former PT, working with performance athletes and 'general population' clients. 

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Coach Chelsea: 

Competitive physique athlete (bikini) and PT, working mainly with women looking to be their best self.  

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