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Many of our new clients express concern that they aren't doing enough because their current plan is not as uncomfortable or restrictive as previous fat loss attempts. 

No pain, no gain - right? 

They feel like unless they are struggling, progress can’t be made. 

Sure, there is work to be done, habits to be adapted, mindset shifts to make… but overall the enjoyment and relative ease of the process can make our new clients nervous. 

Here’s the thing: 

 The amount of discomfort you put yourself through when trying to get leaner does not determine how much progress you make. 

Actually, the greater the discomfort, the more likely you are to fail long term…. Because the plan only works when you do. 

The is why it’s so common for people to get great results in a gruelling 10-week challenge, then put it all back on again, or more. The amount of restriction and discomfort is unsustainable. 

Sure, uncomfortable moments are part of change and progress, but overall, finding ways to reduce that discomfort and even enjoy the ride, is a huge ingredient for long term success.

This is what we teach all the Flexors in the Better Bodies Program (BBP)

The BBP is not about how much weight you can lose in 12 weeks. It’s about using your time and effort to learn better ways of doing things, implementing change that will make a real difference, setting up sustainable behaviours, and being supported by a community of people on the same journey. 

Education is great, but knowing is not enough. 

Understanding how to use that knowledge, and what areas to focus on next, is key to long term success. 

This is why we’ve called Better Bodies a ‘program’ and not a ‘course’. Because it’s so much more than a course that just teaches information. It is educational, yes, but it is also a step by step guide to a sustainable transformation, with support & guidance from all the Flex Coaches.

Block 1: We start off by covering nutrition, setting you up with a realistic and actionable plan.

Block 2: Then we move on to training, giving you the tools you need to understand what to do for your specific goals and needs. 

Block 3: Then Hunger & Cravings Management 

Block 4: Mindset & Motivation
Block 5: Habit Change & Body Image Management 

Block 6: And finally Supplements & Recovery 

It’s hurtful to see so many people put so much effort into unsustainable practices because they think they are doing the right thing. That no pain means no gain. 

Through The Better Bodies Program, we aim to show all our Flexors that real sustainable progress requires focused sustainable practices and that focusing on the most important things first before moving onto the next stage is vital. 

We hope to see you as one of our Flexors on The Better Bodies Program! 



Of course, this is just their physical transformation. We cannot take pictures of their improved energy, mindset, fitness, relationship with food, relationship with their body (body image), confidence, and feelings of achievement. 




1. 6 blocks spanning 12 weeks with focused attention to specific topics

2. Personal Flex Success training sheet to measure your weekly progress

3. On-demand video lessons with actionable steps

4. Interactive & downloadable templates and other material to help you put intentions into action

5. Group zoom calls hosted by the coaches (monthly)

6. A supportive community discussion platform to ask questions any time, and get support from the community & the Flex Coaches

7. Access to all Flex Coaches for guidance and direction

8. Further learning material for fast learners, or curious minds



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