Post-Competition Blues?

What to do post competition season?

Now the competition season is coming to an end, a common issue that a lot of competitors face is where to go from here?

No doubt there will be a lot of discussions from competitors on where to eat and the foods that they have been craving, and rightly so!

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They’ve worked hard and deserve a splurge, but this is usually where it starts to go downhill for a lot of people.

The ugly truth is that you are primed to store fat post comp, and the negative psychological impact that comes with post comp binge can be extremely unhealthy.

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So what are the things that you can do to avoid setting yourself up for failure post-comp? 

Set a new goal

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After working so hard towards the ultimate goal of stepping on stage, sometimes you feel lost after the comp as to where to go from here. Set a new goal for yourself post comp to keep you motivated, and you can avoid making a lot of the mistakes such as binge eating post comps.

Basic structure with flexibility

Whilst flexible dieting gives you the freedom of food choice, towards the end of a lengthy dieting phase you are going to be pretty depleted with a relatively low calorie intake. This means you are probably going to end up using a limited range of food sources in order to maximise food volume. Follow a basic nutrition structure post comp with the aim to optimise health, but also make sure to give yourself some flexibility where you can be a bit more relaxed when it comes to tracking.


Take your mind off training/dieting

This is a tough one for a lot of people but is one that I think is extremely important for longevity. Coming off a competitive season where you spend up to 6 months dedicating your time and effort to diet and training day in and day out, it can be beneficial to take a step back and focus on other areas of life such as work and social life, get back in touch with other things you may have put on the back burner.


At the end of the day, for majority of people, stepping on stage and competing is a personal goal/hobby which means there’s a lot more going on outside of the gym. Set a new goal, have a basic structure to follow and regain your social and work-life balance.

Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach: Allen