6 Weeks To A 6-pack?


We hear about a new fad diet almost every week which sweeps its way across social media, magazines, news articles and television, and regardless of whether we’re fresh into fitness or have been in the game for a long time, our unsuspecting minds are often baited into the empty promises it offers. Fad diets promise an exciting short term fix like “6 weeks to a 6-pack!”, on the other hand we have a longer term solution which seems tedious because it takes longer. But let's take a closer look at the pros and the cons of the two approaches. 

Short-term fix PROS

  • Requires a smaller time frame

  • Weight loss appears much faster

Short-term fix CONS

  • Slows down metabolism

  • Very low calorie diet, usually with muscle loss

  • Restricted food choices

  • Negative attitude towards food - potentially resulting in eating disorder

  • Cyclical results with no overall progress

  • Strength loss

  • Muscle loss

Long-term lifestyle change PROS

  • Sustainable results

  • Freedom of food choices

  • Mental health benefits

  • Linear progression in gym

  • Cardio not overly enforced

  • Maintained strength and muscle mass

Long-term lifestyle change CONS

  • Longer time frame to see results

  • Requires longer term commitment

A long-term solution may take longer and seem less promising at the time, but the results will last! Whereas a short-term fix may allow you to achieve a result in a short time frame, but it’s not optimal and not sustainable and you’ll fall into a cycle of weight gain and loss, with no overall progress to show, ending up in frustration!


For as long as fitness has been in the spotlight, majority of us have wanted to get maximum results without actually doing any hard work, and it is for this reason that these diets exist and there are consumers that buy into it. The truth is that they probably do work (to a degree) but, and there is a BIG but, the results, much like the promise they presented, are empty!

Of course if you starve yourself and commit to only eating bananas every day for a month you’re going to lose weight (unless you are eating a shit load of bananas), it’s simply a matter of a measly amount of calories in vs calories out.This is why at Flex Success we employ lifestyle changes to see long-term and lifelong results! We educate our clients on the equilibrium between nutrition and exercise in such a way that they are able to understand their newfound knowledge, not re-iterate complex jargon or “broscience”, and continue to achieve their goals long after our clients move on from Flex Success.

A diet is exactly that, “a systemised and temporary change in one’s eating habits that is effective for only a short period of time”.

However the problem presented by an extremely high percentage of these diets, is that they simply are not sustainable and are only a short-term fix, not to mention the negative impacts on your body both mentally and physically.


To put it simply, flexible dieting is something everyone can employ regardless of current lifestyle and commitments, and coupling that with a change of routine which steers away from the mentality that “one must diet to achieve their goals” is the winning combination every time.

Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach Allen