Are You Aware Of How You Eat?


This isn’t a question that most people think about on a day to day basis. They are preoccupied with their life, their stressors, their friends and family. They are busy living. Yet with obesity and overweightness on the rise, it is a question that more should be asking.

Most people wouldn’t have a clue how they eat. They wouldn’t be able to tell you if what they eat is healthy or unhealthy if it is helping or hindering their goals. But that is okay because we have a few things that you can do to slowly improve what you are already doing. You don’t have to relearn everything.

In today’s realm, subconscious eating behaviours are a driving force of marketing responses, environmental cues and biological responses. Yet to navigate our way through the unrelenting amount of influences we experience on the daily there are key things that will keep you on track and allow you to be less influenced. Things that you can do to help take control of your body is to practice mindful eating habits.

Mindful eating habits include;

  • Slowing down how long you actually chew and taste foods.

  • Removing yourself from your workplace to eat in a place that you can enjoy food in.

  • Having a conversation whilst eating.

  • Drinking water between mouthfuls.

  • Making sure that you set your meals up to incorporate fresh ingredients and minimally refined foods (yes, that means doing meal prep).

  • Not ordering seconds or desserts for at least 20 minutes after your first meal to allow the body to catch up and decide if its full.


Things that you can avoid include;

  • Buying fast convenient food that doesn’t require you to slow down.

  • Having to withhold food consumption until you’re at the point of desperation that anything will do.

  • Dousing your food in fat or salt.


If all of these things on the do and don’t list are already in your bank of behaviours then it may be worth you taking the time and learning about some of the macronutrient composition of foods.

You are one of the lucky ones that have graduated from subconscious responses to conscious change and this is best done through informative food decisions. Each different macronutrient will impact you differently and finding a balance for you can reduce hunger dramatically.

Diet Smart. Not Hard. 

Coach: Dalton