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Scale Weight & The Meaning of Progress

You’re working hard to dial in your nutrition, smash your training each and every day and how does your body respond? By doing the complete opposite of what you were hoping for...What the hell!

 This has happened countless times to me and the clients I work with. In fact, I would hedge a bet that anyone who has ever attempted to achieve body composition changes has experienced this on numerous occasions.

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Should We Be Eating Intuitively?

You have probably seen some gurus on instagram haranguing about how if you just listen to your body, you’ll will instinctively know how to maintain a healthy weight and achieve your fitness goals.

 This is not intuitive eating.

 Intuitive eating is a non-diet, weight-neutral approach to eating that is designed to help individuals break the cycle of chronic dieting

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A Flex Success Coach Response To The Ketogenic Diet Potential Benefits To Warfighter Health And Performance

I thought I would write out a response to this as I am studying some advanced physiology this year in which we look at a lot of the metrics that are being discussed here so I am getting a good chance at really understanding the results, but also the metabolism and bioenergetics that are involved in this discussion are a little complicated and I think I really want an attempt at communicating that

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