Do Not #BirdBoxChallenge Your Nutrition And Training

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Let’s talk about the importance of having direction and tracking your nutrition and training if you have a body composition goal in mind. Which is why the topic is don’t #birdboxchallenge your nutrition and training.

If you don’t know what that is, it is essentially people attempting to complete day to day tasks whilst blindfolded. It is inspired by the latest movie on Netflix called Birdbox.

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Now why does that have anything to do with your nutrition and training? Well, we always talk about how you can’t manage what you cannot measure. If you have a specific body composition goal in mind and you don’t know where you are with your current body composition, your nutrition and training and you don’t have a direction then you are pretty much blindfolded, and hoping you might get lucky and get to where you want to go.

You may say it works for some people who don’t measure anything and still get there. This is true and you probably see that a lot where people starve themselves and work extremely hard in the gym, but that is by no means “optimal” or “sustainable” for most people. Especially for the majority of people who do not “live and breathe” the lifestyle and still want to achieve a “balance”. Hence why so many crash diets don’t work or the results don’t last.

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So here are some steps that you can take so you don’t #birdboxchallenge your way to your goal;

  • Figure out exactly where you are with your current body composition, your nutrition intake, and what your training is like at the moment

  • Look at your current lifestyle and see what is realistic for you, for example how many days you can train, how active you are, and are there any social gatherings and/or commitments that you have coming up that may get in the way of your diet and training. Figure out what is a reasonable amount of “balance” required in achieving this goal

  • Look at the goal that you have in mind and work it backwards against the previous two steps and see how long it takes you. Perhaps you may need to re-evaluate this goal

  • Measure and manage your body composition, your daily nutrition intake, your activity and your training in the process

Now what you have is a destination, your current location and a map to get you there. I know it sounds a lot easier than it really is but the fundamentals are the same. This way you don’t have to #birdboxchallenge your way to your goal.

Diet smart not hard.

Coach Allen.