Personal Responsibility And Success

As a coach, it is in my best interest to ensure that my clients achieve the results that they want and that they smash their goals, but also that they are able to maintain their results long-term.

However, even the best plan and the best intentions will not go very far unless YOU, the client, put some effort in.


It might sound harsh, but the reality is that you need to accept your personal responsibility.

If you WON'T follow our recommendations it is YOUR choice.

If you CAN'T follow our recommendations, then YOU will need to let us know.

As coaches, we are happy to update and change your plan or provide you with tips and advice so that you CAN follow the plan. Whether it be ensuring that your breakfast can be eaten on-the-go, reduce your training program from 5 days to 4 days per week, recommend a meal delivery service as your cooking skills are not that amazing. Whatever it may be, with a little troubleshooting there is always, and I mean always a solution to any problem. Not being able to follow the plan is simply not good enough! So stop with the excuses!!!


But let’s take one step back and define what personal responsibility is. In short, personal responsibility is:

1. Acknowledging that you are solely responsible for the choices in your life.

>> Do you choose to go the gym or stay at home?

>> Do you choose to follow your meal plan/or macros or not to?

>> Do you choose to follow your coach's advice or not to?

>> Do you ‘give up’ if one meal wasn’t to plan or do you ensure that your other meals are adjusted so that you still hit your macros?



2. Accepting that you choose the direction for your life.

>> Do you choose health?

>> Do you choose happiness?

>> Do you choose to commit?

>> Do you choose to spend $$ on alcohol/takeaway/smoking, but not a gym membership/coach/PT?

3. Accepting that you cannot blame others for the choices you have made.

>> Do you blame the diet/meal plan/macros for being ineffective when you haven't followed it, or do you take responsibility for choosing not to follow it?

It's easy to blame others BUT make it a goal to accept personal responsibility. Put your hand up and be honest if you stuffed up. We won't judge you! We are not perfect and there are weeks when we've stuffed up too! It is part of the journey! Identify the ‘problem’, find a solution and execute! Learn, grow, develop and become better! It is your best interest to do so!


Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach Inger.