You Don't Have Time?


How often do you hear people say they don't have time to exercise or follow a nutrition plan because they are too busy and they don’t have time? And that is why they aren't getting the results they want.

The truth is, we can always find another person who is busier and getting more done. As cliche as it sounds, it really comes down to "how bad do you want it?”.

Take your job for example, if you don’t show up to work you won’t get paid and you can’t afford to pay your rent or mortgage payment. Therefore, regardless of how tired, how busy, and how many hours of sleep you had last night you will still get up at the same time every day to make sure you clock in on time. Making sure you have a roof over your head and food in your tummy is the “why” that you need to make sure you show up to work every morning.


Resources are never the issue when it comes to your ability to achieve a   certain goal. Your health is just as important as your wealth. If you care   about how much money you have in your bank account then you should   care equally as much if not more about your health. That in itself should be   more than enough reason to make sure you eat well and exercise regularly.   What you will often find is those who are successful and achieve great   results are usually the ones that have the most on their plates. If you want   something bad enough, you will find the time for it. If you are serious about   your health and improving your fitness you will find the time to exercise and   follow your nutrition.

Don't believe me? Get on your smart phone and check how much time you have spent scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Apparently I spent 1.8 hours on Instagram, 40 mins on Facebook and 12 mins on YouTube in the last 24 hours. I could easily fit in two gym sessions, food shopping and meal prep plus more.


Obviously there are many factors that come into this as well but this is just to demonstrate that we can always find time to get things done if we truly want.

There are strategies that you can certainly employ to make sure what you are doing suits your lifestyle and is sustainable. That’s why education is important. Why we do what we do at Flex Success is to have a positive impact on people’s lives through movement and nutrition.

We come up with training and nutrition strategies to make things easier and more enjoyable for you, so that way you are able to follow your exercise and nutrition consistently and it simply becomes a part of your lifestyle.


Look at your body composition/ health and fitness goal, be honest with yourself and look at what is realistic, what sacrifices you can make and define what rare achievable for you and structure your plans accordingly. This way you will not only make “time” for it you also have to ability to adapt to different situations that may come in the way between you and your goal.

Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach Allen