1on1 Coaching

A healthy, individualised, realistic, and sustainable approach to reaching your goals.

You will have a personal client folder for your plans and progress metrics, shared with your coach. You will also benefit from: 


- Individual assessment of your goals and needs

- Personalised, realistic plans 

- Weekly (online) check-ins 

- Video calls with your coach

- Accountability & support

- Education & worksheets to bridge knowledge gaps and overcome obstacles

- Ability to adjust plans as your needs change (holidays, new goals, change of circumstance etc) 


“The team at Flex Success have put together a really useful resource for anyone looking to better understand how to actually maintain a healthy body composition, eating habits and lifestyle over the long term”


Physique Athlete Preparation coaching is delivered online, so anyone in the English speaking world can access it. It is 100% personalised and fully customised to the client and their sport, including all facets of nutritional prescription, training, supplementation advice and peak weak strategies.

Package Includes:

  • Nutrition coaching, including individualised macronutrient targets and diets where necessary
  • Personalised training program (optional)
  • Weekly nutrition and training check-ins with written and video feedback where necessary
  • Video call catch-ups with your coach
  • Tailored peak week protocols 
  • Written and video feedback on posing
  • Tanning eBook
  • Supplementation advice
  • Access to Flex Success private coaching platform
  • Access to private Flex Fam Community

"Most coaches can get their clients results, but how to maintain those results is where the challenge lies and this information is missing. Flex provide that information and knowledge along with data and studies to back it up. This is legit!"

Coach Lizzy

Course Educator, Flex Podcast Co-Host, Coach

Coach Dean

Contest Prep Coach, Flex Podcast Co-Host

Coach Chelsea

Body Composition Specialist

Coach Tom

Sports Nutrition Coach

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