What Happens If I Miss A Live Q&A Session?

All live sessions are recorded and saved in the group page for you to view, or review at a later date that suits you.

Why Is It Best That I Am Present For The Q&A Sessions?

So that you can ask questions, and if you don’t fully understand something being explained, you can ask for clarification on the spot.

What If I Think My Question Is A ‘silly’ Question?

If you don’t understand something, it’s best you ask so that you can understand it, even if you think it may be a silly question. Nobody will judge you for asking questions to better your understanding.

What Happens If I Finish All The Weeks Material Before The Week Is Over?

You can either get a head start on next weeks material, or you can ask a coach for some extra material on that week's topic to give you a broader understanding.

What Happens If I Am Behind On The Coaching Material?

As this is set up as a group, we cannot delay the coaching work for one person. If you are falling behind, we suggest you do your best to catch up asap, instead of skipping over some content and rejoining down the track. The information is set up in a way that it builds on itself as we go, so skipping some may mean you don’t understand things properly down the track.

Is The Extra Material Mandatory To Read?

No, the extra material is not mandatory. However, we’d recommend for you to read it as it will help better your understanding.

Why Are The Weekly Focus Diaries Important?

These diaries are created to help you get the most out of your coaching, including reflection, goal setting and problem-solving. Your coaching can still function without this, but we do not recommend it.

I Can See We Learn About Alcohol In Week 4, And Eating Out In Week 8, But What If I Want To Drink And Eat Out Before This Is Covered In My Coaching?

It is not recommended that you drink or eat out before we cover these topics in your coaching, as you may not know how to do so ‘properly’ before this content is covered. ‘Properly’ in this instance refers to being able to accurately account for alcohol or bought food within your daily targets. But of course, if you wanted to, please keep it to a minimum and do the best you can to account for this in your macros until this content can be covered in your coaching.

I See That This Coaching Covers Instructions On How To Use A Food Diary, And The Food Diary Of Choice Is ‘My Fitness Pal’. Can I Use Another Type Of Food Diary?

We recommend MFP because we know it offers all the functions that we need, and we know how to get around any of the flaws it has. We cannot be sure that other types of diaries offer what we need, or if their flaws can be fixed. We strongly suggest you follow the teaching within your coaching material around MFP, and down the track, if you choose to use another diary, knowing it offers you what you need, you can switch.

What Happens If I Wanted To Get 1-on-1 Coaching After This Group Coaching Is Over?

You are welcome to apply for coaching by filling out a contact form at www.flexsuccess.com.au/contact

Please be sure to mention that you are interested in coaching and that you have completed our group coaching service in the past.

If you are ready to sign up for our Group Coaching, simply click the button below.