What If I Am Falling Behind Due To Work Or A Holiday?

The wonderful thing about this being totally online is that the course material is available to you from the moment it begins, so if you miss some course work, you can catch up when you can.

What Do I Need To Do Before Enrolling And Starting The Course?

Keep an eye out on your emails, as we will send you some short prelude material to go over a few days before the start date, as well as invite you to a private Facebook group for your cohort of participants. It is important that you accept this invitation, as the group will offer valuable support, bonus material, and the coaches live Q&As will be hosted here.

What Are My Options If I Have Technical Difficulties During This Course?

Simply send an email to admin@flexsuccess.com.au and our team will help you out.

What Will I Get At The Completion Of This Course?

After week 12, you will receive a certificate of completion, assuming that you have completed the minimum course work (online lectures and 'passed' at least 80% weekly quizzes)

How Will I Be Assessed?

Each week is completed with a short quiz help you consolidate your understanding of the weeks material. A 'pass' rate for each quiz is 70% and you may go back and complete the quiz as many times as you need to. There are also 'homework' exercises most weeks where you are asked to put your new knowledge into practice, however this is not assessed.

Can I Do This Course If I Have Medical Issues?

We advise that you seek clearance from you doctor if you have any pre-existing medical issues, including, but not limited to, eating disorders.

Can I Get A Refund?

If you are unhappy with the service or material during group coaching / the material within the first 4 weeks of purchasing the course you may request a refund, however refunds are not granted due to change of mind or inability to find time for the course material during the selected time frame.

Will I Be Qualified To Give Nutrition Advice After This Course, Or Become Insurable As A Nutritionist?

No. This course/ Group coaching is aimed at helping you understand the fundamentals of nutrition so that you can help yourself make a personal physical change, not to qualify you as an insurable nutritionist who can give out nutrition advice/guidance.

Can I Do/Buy Specific Parts Of The Learning Material Only?

No. To provide the best nutrition education possible, it is important that participants go through each section sequentially as the information builds on itself and may not be understood well in isolation.

Can I Participate If I Am Already Working Or Studying?

Absolutely. The time you give to this is extremely flexible and you can make it fit your weekly schedule

Do I Have To Live In Australia To Participate?

No. As the course is online, so long as you have access to the internet and speak Engish, you can be anywhere in the world.

What Prior Courses Or Knowledge Do I Have To Have To Participate?

You could be a university graduate in nutrition, a PT, or not studied at all since leaving high school. We do not assume any knowledge, and thus start from the ground up with the course material, all the way through to a clear understanding and applying the things that will cause positive change towards your goals.

Is This Course For Me?

This course is designed for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of nutrition, as it relates to making positive steps towards physical goals. We have worked with age groups from 18-53 years, medical doctors, online nutrition coaches, stay at home mums, office workers, law-inforcement, realtors, pilots and more.

How Much Time Per Week Will This Take Me?

This will depend on how long each of the of video lectures is for that week. Outside of watching and note-taking, you can expect your weekly quizzes to take about 5-10 minutes. *for group coaching only*: The homework offered most weeks will take around 15 minutes, and your weekly promise/accountability tasks may also take about 5 minutes (combined). On top of that, you also have a weekly live Q&A, which are expected to run for approx 30 minutes, however, these are recorded so you can listen to these in your own time if needed.

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