Physique Athlete Preparation

This coaching package is suitable for PHYSIQUE ATHLETES ONLY (i.e. bodybuilding, women's bikini etc). Flex Success coaches do support many other types of athletes such as power lifters and fighters, however, they are better suited to our 'Premium Coaching' package instead.

'Physique Athlete Preparation' coaching is delivered online, so anyone in the English speaking world can access it. It is 100% personalised and fully customised to the client and their sport, including all facets of nutritional prescription, training, supplementation advice and peak weak strategies. For athletes who are many months out from a show will begin on our 'Premium Coaching' package first, then switch to comp prep closer to stage day (minimum 16 weeks prior)

Package Includes:

  • Nutrition coaching, including individualised macronutrient targets, assessed weekly

  • Full diet written to macro targets, where necessary

  • Nutrition education

  • Accountability

  • Personalised training program (optional)

  • Weekly nutrition and training check-ins with written and video feedback where necessary

  • Video call catch-ups with your coach, monthly (approx)

  • Tailored peak week protocols for all athletes

  • Tanning guidance

  • Athlete discounts to posing trunks and bikinis as well as physios, chiros, gyms etc

  • Guidance on the right federation and category for you

  • Personalised supplementation protocols

  • Ongoing support

  • Access to Flex Success private coaching platform

  • Access to Flex Success private Facebook group

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