Learn How To Pose Like A Pro & Get The Edge On Stage

Don't let poor presentation be the fault of your success!

All too often we see conditioned athletes standing on stage missing out on an opportunity to be front and centre due to poor presentation.

With high quality, fluent posing and the right cues to ensure you are posing in a manner to suit your physique, athletes can often take themselves up the pecking order and into a higher placing.

Just like your training, posing requires practice, attention to detail and a history of success.

Now offering 1-on-1, online private posing coaching, Flex Success coaches Dean and Allen are here to ensure you present your best physique.

With coach dean

With coach allen

What’s Included?

  • Free Tanning Guide (valued at $9.95)

  • A 60-min Consultation including 1-on-1 posing coaching via online video

  • Personal Google Drive folder with consultation video saved to review at your discretion

  • Access to our Free Subscription

See the Posing of some of our clients

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