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Lizzy was great to have as a coach. She was always helpful, super encouraging even if I had a not so great week and she never got annoyed with all the questions thrown at her (well she didn’t let on if she was annoyed ;p ) she was patient and accommodating when the numbers didn’t do what they were supposed to. She would remind me it was never a failure and everything was fixable. My aim was to feel good on my wedding day and that’s what happened. Plus I learnt so much about food and you don’t have to cut all the ‘bad’ stuff out to achieve your goals. Thanks Lizzy :)
— Sharenee B.
I am absolutely blown away by the entire experience I have had with Flex Success, and in the past 10 weeks my entire perspective on dieting, macros, eating out and what is possible to achieve with all of these things has completely changed. Before speaking to Lizzy, I honestly believed that the only way I could lose weight was to drastically reduce my calories and start doing hours of cardio, and I couldn’t be happier to say that this was the polar opposite of my experience which had me eating more than I thought I could, eating out in moderation and doing no cardio. I can’t begin to tell you how eternally grateful I am for this experience... It has quite honestly changed my life.
— Sarah D.

I’ve recently started with Flex Success and I’m over the moon with my experience so far. My coach has been really attentive, taking on board each detail I’ve discussed with her and applying this to my eating plan. She has also been super efficient responding to my questions and great at explaining the process. I am really motivated about my plan as it feels like my coach genuinely cares about her clients’ progress which is really encouraging, AND the food is delicious!
— Anna H.
Flex Success has changed my life. Not just in the physical form (10kgs dropped) but mentally and emotionally. I have a better relationship with my body and food. I respect myself and what my body is capable of and can achieve. My coach and the Flex Success team have been such important people in my food/body journey and have helped me more than they could imagine and I am eternally grateful for their constant support, help and advice. Keep up the amazing work. You guys are amazing!
— Stephanie D.

I have lost another kilo and about 2inches from my waist. Woohoo. I went to put a belt on this morning and there were no holes it went that far in. I’m finding it easy to stick to some days are better than others, but all in all it’s great. Thank you again.
— Chrisanthy
Allen is professional and has planned awesomely from day one. I see results and that is awesome. Stick to the plans and you see results. If you don’t, you won’t. Coaches can’t do the hard work for you but their guidance is essential.
— Alan D.

Allen is a fantastic coach. He provides excellent feedback. He is always asking questions in regards to my training to allocate food accordingly. I have made great progress under Allens coaching and I know I wouldn’t have made the progress I have without his help. I totally trust Allens direction. If he puts it on the diet - I eat it! I know he will help me get my results.
— Gabriel W.
My coaching experience with Inger, has been everything I expected from the Flex Success program. nger has been a pillar of support, there is no judgement and no pressure to get it right 110% of the time.. Instead, I am met with support: Support encouraging me to keep chipping away, Support encouraging me to keep stepping up, support encouraging me to keep growing and to learning at my own pace, support which empowers me to own this journey and be kind to myself in the process. And remarkably, I have not craved chocolate once in the last 5 weeks which is bloody miraculous!!!
— Jennifer H.

What I found with the Flex Success program was, not only did I lose body fat and improve my appearance, health and general fitness but I also learned so much about nutrition. I now have the knowledge to make informed food choices every day.
I can eat the foods I enjoy whilst adhering to my calorie & macronutrient allocation, allowing me to maintain my leanest ever bodyweight of 57kgs!
— Vonny K.
I am located in Hong Kong and that causes a large number of differences with food choices. Dean is still able, despite these food and cultural differences, to guide me through with sound principles that cut through the noise, are easy to adhere to, and most importantly, are very effective. It is much easier than I thought it would be
— Cory H.

I chose to use Flex Success for my first competition prep, they helped me attain levels I never thought possible. Their knowledge of nutrition and training methods more than surpassed my expectations. The friendly support network they have created helped me stay focused and determined to strive for my best every session and every meal prep.

Their approach to training, nutrition and people is unmatched, I will definitely be using them for every competition I enter.
— Matt A.
My journey with Flex Success so far has been amazing. It’s opened my eyes to eating food groups I would have never previously touched and made me realise how good food is, and how it is supposed to be consumed. If not for Lizzy I would still be stuck in my big rut of eating 1000 cals daily to support my 20 hr training week schedule. Luckily those days are gone thanks to Flex! Counting macros has totally changed my life, and I will never look back! Can’t thank the team enough!
— Grace A.

When I joined Flex I thought it was just going to be another diet. I had failed at so many diets before, that I hoped this was the last diet for me. I soon realized this wasn’t just another a diet. This is a journey of self-discovery. So much more goes into just wanting to lose weight, wanting to be stronger than just a food or training plan. Flex is so much more than that. I’m not there yet, but I’m confident with my coach that finally, my dream of being the best version of me is a lot closer than it’s ever been before.
— Cindy W.
Dean has been doing my diet and is now also giving me guidance regarding training. As far as flexible dieting goes, I know now it is something I will incorporate for rest of my life and something I will encourage for my friends and family. I’d describe Dean as hard but fair (which is what I needed), extremely knowledgeable and willing to not only answer any questions I raise but help further my knowledge in the field. I couldn’t be happy with the progress I’ve achieved with Flex Success, the whole time never feeling like I’m on a “diet”. I look forward to working with him and the Flex Success team in the future!
— Peter W.

After implementing the diet written by Dean I saw results so quickly, within two weeks, and never ever felt hungry or like I was missing out. There was no need to “cheat”, as Dean made it really easy for me by tailoring my diet to suit not only my macro requirements but allowing me to include foods that satisfied my sweet tooth that stayed within my Macros.

Flex Success helped me to remain focussed on my nutrition and by having him there, contacting me each week, I really felt accountable.

Dean and the team at Flex Success were really supportive and accessible as well when I needed to query things or needed some extra guidance. I would highly recommend Flex Success to anyone looking to enhance their nutritional awareness or needing assistance and guidance in following a macro based diet.
— Gary S.
This year alone has been so challenging for me personally. I want to thank Flex Success for everything they have done , if it wasn’t for my coach (Lizzy) and Flex Success community, I don’t know where I would be.

You have helped me regain a positive relationship with food, taken me away from the typical ‘bro’ meal prep. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE vegetables so much - but showing me I can eat Bacon, Rice, Pesto, Chocolate, White Potatoes - even BREAD - god forbid!!! (And the list goes on and on) without gaining weight, actually losing weight and changing my body composition has done more for me than you will ever know. I am NOT afraid of going out to dinner anymore. This for me is freedom. I’m free of the guilt, the stress, and the temptation to want to self-sabotage or jump on a treadmill for days just to ‘undo’ a meal. I feel much more in control, with more perspective.”
— Cat W.

Flex Success were supportive, educated and confident and their system works and have proven results to match with dozens of athletes. I am back with them now for April 2018 ICN bodybuilding and loving the process once again and weekly check in.

The off season programming has lead to new found strength goals achieved and more mass in weak spots like upper back , arms , adductors/hamstrings. A testament to the weight training programs being tailored to the individuals goals .
— Dylan R.
I’d highly recommend Flex Success to anyone wanting to achieve their body composition goals. We live in a society where there is so much misinformation. Flex gives you the accurate tools to achieve your goals in a healthy well-informed way. I cannot thank my coach, Lizzy, enough for what she has done for me so far!
— Alicia S.

For me, it was like striking gold to finally find a diet that had me reaching 100% my health, aesthetic and fitness goals - safely. Not only that, but through the Learning Exercises, I have been educated on how to make sound food choices and fit in the yummy things “guilt-free”. I am so grateful to Flex that I can now enjoy good health and good food in abundance
— Maree Jane D.
Coach Dalton was supportive when it comes to nutrition and dieting, and was able to work with the individual’s needs and goals. My coach allowed me to enjoy certain foods that people still to this day can’t believe I ate to lose weight! I lost 7.8kgs whilst maintaining my level of strength and performance.
— Karl M.

My husband was doing the Flex Success program at the time and told me that they would be perfect to get me into the best shape of my life at 43 years of age, he was absolutely right!

My Coach Dean had great communication and very easy to deal with. Being a part of the Flex Success private group was extremely helpful and i drew a lot of motivation and support from this arena.

Overall the prep wasn’t easy but at the same time it certainly wasn’t painful, I am extremely proud to say I achieved my goal of making the top 5.
— Cecilia F.
I loved every step of my prep with Flex Success, who thought I could lose so much weight while still enjoying food the whole way through! Flex Success broadened my knowledge about food so I didn’t just get results I learnt a lot about training and eating too. Flex success got me all the way to the Arnold classic were I placed 5th, “I would have never got there without Dean and the team and I will definitely be doing my next prep with them as I know I can withstand a prep with them.
— Lachy S.

I started working with Inger 10 Weeks ago and my mentality and approach to food and exercise have changed drastically for the better.

Inger has taught me to love myself and my body again through nourishing it with healthy nutritious foods while also enjoying and having a treat in moderation. I have become more aware of my body and when it is trying to tell me something, as well as becoming more aware and intact with my emotions and mental well-being towards food.

I used to be in a deep vicious cycle of unstable emotional eating where I would binge eat because I was tired, or sad or angry, then hate myself for eating bad foods and starve myself or go on yo-yo restrictive diets to the point where I would then binge eat again and I would go around and around in circles getting nowhere.
— Kat B.
Chose to work with Inger to lose weight and feel better physically, and she definitely helped me achieve those goals! My energy levels are high and the kilos are coming off! She’s really passionate about achieving a lifestyle where diet choices become easier, and it’s definitely changed my life. I don’t go hungry anymore and I can still get to eat the things I like! Inger really taught me to see food as a fuel source for healthy living. I’m now feeling lighter, sleeping better, my anxiety has gone away and metabolism is really kicking in!

I honestly cannot recommend Inger enough to anyone who wants to get their eating under control and make sensible food choices. She takes the time to understand your lifestyle both at work and home, and she helps create an easy meal plan to follow and provides great support along the way! Thank you Inger!
— Karina C.

Flex Success worked with me for to prepare for the competition over 20 weeks and I was able to present the best ever version of myself on stage that year. It was the easiest prep I have ever done and my physical and mental health improved dramatically over those 20 weeks.

However the real victories for me were not on the stage, on the scale or even in the gym. They were in my day to day life with my family and friends. I valued most learning to balance everything in my life again and not live in the restricted way I had done in the past was the most amazing feeling.
— Sally C.
My last comp was 4 weeks ago after a 3 year break. It was a personal goal to compete in better shape than I have before. I did not want to ruin my metabolism or hormone levels. I was in a new role with work so also had to make sure I could function cognitively. Under the nutritional guidance of Inger from Flex Success I not only achieved this goal, I placed 1st in my division and felt the best I ever have throughout a comp prep. The priority is health .. Physical, mental, emotional, social & spiritual. Thank you for considering the WHOLE person.
— Eleni P.

Flex Success came highly recommended and signing up with them was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made as a figure competitor. Dean’s wealth of experience combined with his knowledge, support and advice helped me take my physique this year to a level never experienced before. Who would of thought it possible to achieve the level of leanness I did all the while still regularly enjoying the foods I loved, like ice-cream!. You could not find a more welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable community than that of the Flex Success family
— Allison S.
I was lucky enough to have been a client of Flex Success all of 2014 and again in 2015. I totally changed my relationship with food and no question was too big or too small. They have so much knowledge they have to share, so you can bet your dollar you will get more than a “diet”, you will also be educated on why there were certain changes to your customised plan, which is very empowering.
— Michelle C.

One of the most valuable aspects of being a client of Flex Success is the importance that is put on your health holistically. Your diet and training isn’t the only consideration, there is a lot of emphasis put on your emotional, mental and physical health as well.

Before I started with Inger, I had awful sleep quality, insomnia and constantly low energy levels. After seeing multiple health professionals, I concluded that these were symptoms of chronic fatigue that I would have to manage for the rest of my life. Within a few weeks of being coached by Inger and having my calories incrementally increased, I noticed considerable changes to my health. Within a few months, I had high energy levels, had much better quality of sleep and was falling asleep easily. Before starting with Flex Success I honestly never, EVER would have thought those things would have been possible.
— Natalia M.
I was searching for a well respected online coach that was knowledgeable & believed in a flexible dieting approach to guide me in my next contest prep.

Dean came highly recommended and signing up with Flex Success last year was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made as a figure competitor. Dean’s wealth of experience combined with his knowledge, support and advice helped me take my physique this year to a level never experienced before. Who would of thought it possible to achieve the level of leanness I did all the while still regularly enjoying the foods I loved, like ice-cream!. You could not find a more welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable community than that of the Flex Success family.
— Ali W.

I really enjoyed my prep with Flex Success. Everything was straightforward and easy to follow. My coach, Dean, was very supportive, knowledgeable and understanding. I also loved that he always explained why he did something which gave me a better understanding of the process and kept me more adherent with prep.
— Steph G.
Wow. Dean. What an amazing experience he provided for me. Dean is such a knowledgeable coach and always provided evidence based practices in both training and nutritional programs, which gave me such fantastic results. Dean is not only a great fitness coach, but his life experience and positive mindset is contagious and he helped me push through barriers that I never thought I could reach. Dean was always available for questions and always did a great job at explaining why we were using certain protocols. I could not have asked for a more flexible, enjoyable, motivating experience from a coach for my comp prep.
— Ed P.

I honestly can’t praise Inger enough. I began this process with dogmatic and completely unfounded beliefs which she navigated so diplomatically, and through the education process, was able to change my understanding and in turn my mindset. I’m not sure I would be able to be as patient as Inger was.

Anytime I asked a question (no matter how ridiculous) she provided me such thorough and speedy responses. She definitely afforded me more time than I was paying for with some of her in depth responses, whilst always siting studies or podcasts for my further education.

When I started with FS I had a very long history of disordered eating and generally quite an unhealthy relationship with food. I am (now) a 55kg 44 year old female with a dislike of anything green or vegetable related and the appetite of a 100kg football player which unsurprisingly doesn’t add up. Since my early teenage years I have fluctuated from anywhere between 5-35kgs overweight. I have never been able to maintain a healthy weight or any weight, I’m always either on the incline or on some crazy unsustainable diet to lose fat.

Since finishing with FS a few months ago I have managed to maintain the 10kgs I lost. I have about 5kgs to go and have no doubt I will get there in the new year. For me, tracking my macros (including fiber) has been one of the most valuable and educational experiences of my life.
— M.P.
For the probably the last 3 years I have tried and failed with many diets, food plans and other programs through “specialised trainers”. Some had short gains but never sustainable or fit with my lifestyle. One day my wife recommended the Mind Muscle podcast explaining Flex Success. I loved the concept and as my love for triathlon increased I knew I had to try something to aid with training and performance. At first I thought Flex Success may be just for powerlifters and Body building types but found an amazingly knowledgeable trainer in Dalton who contacted me to discuss in more detail what Flex does.

Dalton has ALWAYS been there to provide advise, look at my training performance and adjust on the fly as things pop up. I have tested him with events like a 550km bike ride over 5 days and then a half marathon the day after (I got planned 900g of Carbs one day), 5 triathlons in the space of 7 weeks and have now set him the task of preparing me for 2 Half Ironman events at the back end of my season in 2019.

Since joining I have found I am eating more, am more aware of what I am eating, and enjoy the fact that I can choose what I eat and when that matches my lifestyle. I am stronger during training sessions and recover quicker from workouts.
— Paul B.