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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Flex Success are committed to raising the industry standard and creating permanent, positive change within our client’s lives.

We believe in a multilevel approach to nutritional interventions, offering supportive, evidence-based and conscientious guidance to enhance client outcomes through education and behaviour change.

We adopt effective, ethical and comprehensive coaching practices that take a client-centred approach. We aim to raise awareness of the many facets of health and the importance of promoting overall wellbeing in the midst of goal attainment. We desire to improve the coach-client dynamic and champion a shift from authoritative dictatorships to facilitative partnerships between coach and client.

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1on1 Coaching

For Athletes and General Population

  • A personal & private online client folder, shared with your coach (inc. personalised plan & more)
  • Weekly written check-ins with your coach
  • Weekly adjustments to your plan where neccecary.
  • Video calls as needed  
  • Education on nutrition, mindset, movement requirements and more.
  • Support & accountability without the judgement 
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Video Consultation Calls

Chat with one of the Flex Coaches

  • Private video call with a Flex Coach of your choice
  • Get advice, guidance, and clarity on the best course of action
  • Your own private consultation folder to take notes, and rewatch the recorded call (option to opt-out of recording)
  • Choose to do just 1, or a string of calls, at any interval of time that suits you. 
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Workshops, Courses, Memberships

Prefer to learn in a group, or about a specific topic?

  • Memberships give you access to a Flex Coach and a community of like-minded people. No maximum time limit. Stay as long as you like!
  • Workshops zoom into a specific topic in an online classroom format.
  • Courses are run the same as workshops, but take a deeper dive into the topic. These are designed for industry professions who require a comprehensive understanding. 
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Custom Training Program

Build from scratch, just for you!

  • Tailored to your goals, injuries, ability, and time & equipment availability 
  • Personal video from the Flex Coach who wrote your program, explaining the how, why and when. 
  • 1 review of the program is you'd like any changes.
  • Fill out your program for the following week's benchmarks, and auto calculations of total weight lifted. 
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Practical information and guides to success

  • Learn at your own pace 
  • Build knowledge that is practical and actionable 
  • Build evidence-based knowledge that actually works! 
  • Understand the fundamentals of fat loss, or life after dieting, for personal gain or professional development
  • Find easier ways to explain things to your nutrition clients 
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Teaching you how to be less shit

  • Learn from and laugh with your hosts, Flex Coaches Dean & Lizzy 
  • Listen to special guests, including industry big names
  • Engage with a no BS podcast that exists to help you overcome obstacles, rethink your path, and build new skills. 
  • Not for the easily offended.
  • There's something here for soccer mums - elite athletes alike. 
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We'll keep you posted on all things Flex from podcasts to workshops and sneak peeks.