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“This book addresses a significant gap and universal need in the fitness industry. So much emphasis is placed on weight modification, but the true challenge lies in sustainable, long-term approaches to weight management once one’s goals are attained. This book provides evidence-based, practical recommendations and tools often overlooked once the diet is done.”

— Dr.Gabrielle Fundaro, CISSN, CHC


“This eBook written by the team at Flex Success is nothing short of exceptional. It has the potential to positively to positively inluence a dieter’s chronic relationship with food, as well as their physiological and psychological longevity.

As a tertiaty-qualified Dietician and Nutrition and Exercise Scientist myself, this eBook made it very apparent that particular conscepts that are crucial for developing and sustain a healthy relationship with food are not necessarily taught at university. Therefore, although nutrition professionals may thouroughly understand the science of food and human physiology, they may not have been taught the psychological drivers behind why we eat and how to take control of your dietary patterns in the long term to ensure optimum health. With that, I highly recommend this eBook for both dieters and health professionals alike. It contains comprehensive and invaluable concepts that are bound to help individuals, coaches, and healthcare practitioners develop and sustain a healthy relationship with food for life.”

— Tyarra Nelson, Nutrition and Exercise Scientist / Co-Director of Bodybuilding Dieticians


“The team at Flex Success have put together a really useful resource for anyone looking to better understand how to actually maintain a healthy body composition, eating habits and lifestyle over the long term”

— Danny Lennon, Sigma Nutrition Radio Host


“This book is a great resource for those who have lost weight and are looking for the next steps to implement in order to maintain their progress. The amount of people who regain weight after dieting is huge and this book will be an important resource in people’s journeys to keeping it off”

— Jonny Landels, Online Coach


“Life After Dieting will be the best thing you ever bought from anyone in the fitness industry. It teaches you how to become a critical thinker and utilise the steps to become a master of your nutrition. It bridges the gap between weight loss and maintaining that weight loss, something that’ is greatly missing in the fitness industry. Anyone can lose weight!

Most coaches can get their clients results, but how to maintain those results is where the challenge lies and this information is missing. Flex provide that information and knowledge along with data and studies to back it up. This is legit!”

— Ella Martyn, Online Coach / WBFF Diva


“A Fantastic, very in-depth guide outlining how to maintain results achieved in a fat loss phase whilst integrating yourself back into normal life balance.

While topics are explained in detail, practical & actionable recommendations are not ignored and given the attention deserved.

All practical recommendations are underpinned by in-depth mechanistic explanations. I recommend this book for anyone who gives diet advice as post-diet weight maintenance is arguably the aspect of ‘diet coaching’ that needs the most attention. With that being said, consumers and customers need to be aware of its importance, as buy-in to the post-diet phase is a struggle many coaches, nutritionists and dieticians face.”

— Mackenzie Baker, Sports nutritionist & Coach / Personal Trainer / Macabolic Podcast Host


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