*Please note: Flex Coach Dean is not currently accepting consultations. You will not be offered Dean's consultation calendar in step 2. 


STEP 1: Pay for a call

The minimum time is 30 minutes but can be extended if necessary, with the extra time charged after the call.

STEP 2: Book a time

After you've completed step 1, you'll be taken to a page where you can view the coach's calendar and book a time. Just in case, we will also email you a link to book in.  

STEP 3: Fill out the consult questionnaire

You'll be emailed link to your private consultation folder within 48 hours which includes a short questionnaire for you to fill out before the call. This helps the coach understand your needs so you get the most out of the call. 


Pay For The Consult

All consultations require payment prior to confirmation. The minimum consultation time is 30 minutes but can be extended if necessary. For pricing information and to pay and confirm your consultation, click below:


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