#125 Dr Gabby Fundaro - You Don't Know Sh*t About Your Gut (Replay)

Season #1

We call her the poo master, and boy, did she deliver. We score this episode a bristol stool of 3-4, right in the perfect zone! In this episode with Dr Gabby Fundaro, Gabby breaks down what a 'healthy gut' is, or if such a thing even exists, discusses candida overgrowth and why we can't manipulate a single strain of bacteria. We also discuss the relevance of context-specific environmental factors that impact the gut microbiome and whether or not genetics play a major role in how your belly impacts your bum... and so much more.

Something worth sharing:
• Fundamentals of microbiome science - Angela Douglas
• The Good Gut - Justin & Erica Sonnenburg
• The New Microbiology: From Microbes to CRISPR by Pascale Cossart
• 2020 Symposia - https://www.translationalmicrobiome.org/events/
• Human Gut Microbiome: Hopes, Threats and Promises by Patrice Cani: https://gut.bmj.com/content/67/9/1716 

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