#126 Dean and George - Training To Failure - When you should & shouldn't

Season #1

Most people either believe 'you need to train to failure' OR that 'training to failure is bad'. But this topic isn't as black and white. In this episode, your hosts Dean and George take you on a tour of all things training to failure. They'll explain how it's not 'good or bad' but rather, how it might be more or less appropriate for you (or your clients) at different points in time. Armed with this knowledge, you're better equipped to make effective decisions.

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Invisible Womrn - Caroline Criado-Perez

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Episode timestamps:

05:55 - Definition of 'training to failure
07:40 - Define RIR Defined, and introduction effective reps
09:18 - Why training as close to failure as possible may be encouraged
11:53 - Failure doesn’t exist in a vacuum
15:28 - Pros of training to failure
20:12 - Con's of training to failure
23:37 - Fatigue Management
38:40 / 25:20 - When training to failure is/isn't appropriate
41:35 - Why RIR vs Failure is stupid
44:19 - Why RIR can be a floored system in some people
50:44 - Final Thoughts from George
51:41 - Final Thoughts from Dean
52:32 - Less shit tip
56:09 - Something worth sharing (did you have a book or resource?)
1:00:40 - Would you rather