'Untangling Fat Loss' was written to clear the confusion around fat loss, and make it easy to maintain a new low body weight.

We've written this book for anyone looking to: 
- Remove the guesswork from weight loss

- Make weight loss, and keeping it off, easier

- Reduce cravings

- Manage hunger

- Get inspired in the kitchen

- Learn how to read food labels

- Find delicious supermarket products that support your goal

- Understand the relationship between alcohol and weight management

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We even show you how to still enjoy 'The Sweet Stuff'

Scrap the 'on a diet' / 'off a diet' cycle and maintain a new low body weight without resorting to extremes.



UNTANGLING FAT LOSS: A simple guide to keeping it off

Simplifying the complicated science by removing the confusion and bullshittery

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With so many 'diets' out there that promise rapid results, many are chuffed with their results...

Until they can no longer stand the hunger and restrictions and put the weight back on.

This book helps you understand how to keep it off AND enjoy the food you love.


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