What I do: Personal Trainer & online Flex Coach
Who I work with: Primarily women, but really anyone who wants to learn how to sustainably improve their body composition and relationship with food.
Why I love being a Flex coach: I love the focus we have as a team on collaboration, support, and personal development. I feel extremely grateful to be able to guide people all over the world to reach their goals and thrive on the creativity and deep thinking that is required to help each unique person achieve success.
About me: I started my career in marketing, but after 7 years of climbing the corporate ladder, I knew that I could be making more of an impact on the world . I've always lived a fit and healthy lifestyle  but that intensified after competing in my first bodybuilding show in 2017, where it was then that I discovered that I could help others to become healthier, stronger, fitter, and to develop a bulletproof mindset. It's now my full-time job to guide others into their true potential, educate them, and help them reach their goals. Outside of work, I compete in bikini physique competitions, love to bake, and am and forever chasing after my two pitbull rescue pups.

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Costs & lessons of being lean 

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Starting with Flex Success is one of the best decisions made for my physique transformation. I never actually had any previous coaching but getting coached by Flex Success is an amazing experience. I learnt & am still learning in terms of how nutrition works & to better my relationship with food. I absolutely love how the Flex team gets to know your problems and often sends prompt exercise to help with the issue. I personally love all the learning exercises provided. I wouldn't mind going through all of it again. I love how all Flex coaches educate their clients for a better mindset in other aspects too. I also love the weekly check ins which has made me more accountable to myself. I would definitely recommend Flex Success to my friends. It is a privilege to continue to work with Flex Success.

- Darshini Thanga

I have always struggled with food and even though I work out regularly, I never saw results. I have lost weight and regained it so many times. I have worked with other nutrition coaches and they have always helped me lose weight but there is never a plan to maintain the results (except to diet forever).

I was so confused and had so many "rules" from different coaches - so many that some of them contradicted each other. But with Flex Success I immediately could tell this time would be different. Now I realize that losing weight was great, but I have also gained knowledge and education on how to treat my body daily so that I feel my best.

Most importantly, I have kids that watch & learn from me, and now have a mum that isn't afraid to go out to eat with them (with zero guilt).

Thank you to Flex Success and Chelsea for changing my life.

- Katherine DiClaudio

'Working with Chelsea through Flex Success has been a game-changer! She didn't just tell me what to do, she made sure I understood the why. She helped me to be patient with the process. The accountability I got was so important. I could not be more thankful for the non-judgmental way Chelsea interacted with me. The entire experience has been fantastic and a mere "thank you" does seem like enough!' 

- Linda Eland

'I am feeling so good!! I cannot believe the progress I have made these past 12 weeks. Its insane!!! I am proud that I have achieved what I set out to achieve and I couldn't have asked for a better coach! Your understanding of what I need has been incredible.' 

- Zoe Richards

'Chelsea you and flex success have been so much more than I expected, I will continue to refer you to my friends and family! I learned how to get out of old eating habits that were not serving me,and how to bring in nutrient-dense foods that build my body up, I found great habits and discipline with your programming! The reward was a stronger body composition, better sleep, more walks with my family, fat loss and overall muscle gains. Thank you so much, I’m a stronger woman mentally and physically because of your help.'

- Renee Gonzaez

'Chelsea and Flex Success have given me the tools to grow in so many ways. My relationship with food, my mentality around food, and my idea of what food does for me has changed to a long-lasting positive relationship. The lessons I've learned have knocked down walls of misconstrued beliefs around nutrition that I have had for so many years.'

- Jodi Swansey

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