What I do: Online Physique Contest Preparation Coach


Who I work with: Male competitive bodybuilders


Why I love being a Flex coach:

We are a team of like-minded individuals with a client-centric and evidence-based approach to our coaching. love that we are leaving our mark on the industry with every year that passes


About me: 

I have lived a life centred around sport and athlete performance, both competitively as an athlete (soccer and now bodybuilding) and from an education perspective as well. This resulted in me completing a degree in Human Movements, majoring in Exercise Science. I now work full time as an online Contest Preparation coach, specialising in male (untested) bodybuilding and pride myself and my competitors on having a 'condition comes first' mindset.

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Performance Enhancing Drugs Roundtable

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Nutrition & Hypertrophy 

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Coaches Corner #2 - Hypertrophy specific training

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Optimal Physique Development

How Far Should Bodybuilders Go 

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How to be a 110KG powerlifter at 6% BF 

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Nailing The Offseason

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