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What I do: Online Flex educator, running workshops and courses for general population and other industry professionals. 

Who I work with: Anyone wanting to upskill themselves for personal or progressional development.

Why I love being a Flex coach: It allows me to raise the industry standard with the help of the other Flex Coaches, and create permanent positive change in the lives of others. I get particular satisfaction from coaching my clients and students through knowledge and skill-building that creates a real impact beyond vanity.

About me: I entered the industry as a personal trainer back in 2008, the same year I started university. With the push of witnessing my clients suffer in their attempts of weight loss through harmful nutrition practises, I co-founded Flex Success in 2016, and transitioned to a Flex coach, mainly focusing on nutrition and behaviour interventions, working 1on1 with clients. More recently I have moved towards online group education via courses and workshops. I have a keen interest in recreational bodybuilding (12+ years training), Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu (1 year), and held an Australian record in Strongman for log press. I am a bookworm (mainly philosophy, science, and self-improvement), a dog rescue volunteer, and currently teaching myself to play the piano.

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Meet Some Of My Clients 

'Flex Success has changed my life.

Not just in the physical form (10kgs dropped) but mentally and emotionally. I have a better relationship with my body and food. I respect myself and what my body is capable of and can achieve.

I feel blessed to have had the guidance & support of Lizzy and Flex Success when so many others fall into the hands of less capable coaches ' 

- Steph Dugzandich 

'I always trained hard and ate well, but my coach showed me what tweaks to make that would actually make a difference to my goal.

I can now see that before Flex Success I was putting effort into all the wrong things which is why I always ended up in the same spot.

The things I did to achieve my goal were not extreme so I can keep it now and maintain my results.'

- Daniel Moscovan


'I feel totally transformed. Im not talking about just my body, but my health, confidence in front of a camera, and how I feel about myself as a wife, mother, and person. 

With the support of Coach Lizzy who always took the time to guide me, I know I never have to 'start again on Monday'. 

Flex Success had me on their podcast (episode #5) where I got the opportunity to share so much more.'

- Samantha Johnstone

Episode #5

'You can physically see the changes, but what you can't see is the change to my energy, confidence, and relationship with food. We didn't do anything extreme either, and I never felt pushed or judged.

I can't put into words what a big impact Coach Lizzy & Flex Success has had on my life.

Forever grateful.' 

- Sarah 


'I am a professional fighter and came to Flex Success after a few losses, to make sure I was supporting myself as an athlete through nutrition the best way possible. 

My coach helped me kick the old school ideas around nutrition, and weight cuts, and how to really fuel myself. 

No surprises that I started getting wins in the ring again. Very happy with my decision to start with Flex Success'

- Jamie Alleyne 

'Coach Lizzy put the spotlight on what really mattered, and helped me scrap the rest.

I learnt how to enjoy all foods and still make progress, as well as set up healthy habits that made staying on track so much easier. 

I also love that I'm setting a good example of balanced eating for my children. 

I recommend Lizzy and Flex. to everyone!

- Cindy Wehbe

'I didn't realise all the things I could have improved in before starting with Lizzy and Flex Success. I learnt so much through the process and lots that I will pass onto my own clients.  

I love that I am fueling my body properly now, while still enjoying treats without guilt or fearing weight gain.

This really is me forever now and I love it' 

- Mikaela Reffold

'My expectations were blown out of the water. Both my results but also the support I received from Coach Lizzy.

I learnt what to do, but also why I am doing it, which is really important to me.

I lived a normal life through the process, and now after while keeping my results, just with a few adjustments. 

No extremes here!'


- George Huston


'There's so much info out there, it can be overwhelming. But Flex Success narrowed it down for me and brought it back to basics. 

My experience was practical, realistic, supportive, and sustainable. 

I've passed so many of the new tools I have built onto my own clients. 

Thanks for starting a positive ripple effect! 

- Courtney Brown

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