The Price of Achieving Your Ultimate Physique!

coaching dieting flex success motivation nutrition physique training Sep 23, 2020

I'm sure you've heard it before, but success comes at a cost!

The question you have to ask yourself is... is the cost worth it?

Whether the cost is physical pain, emotional distress, social exclusion or professional obligation in the case of business success, the harsh reality is that you are going to need to give up something in order to succeed. 

You can't expect to continue doing the things you're doing now and expecting change!

Some people won't be comfortable with that, and that is fine, but all too often we deal with individuals who come to Flex Success wanting to achieve a certain level of success in their physique, yet they are either completely unaware of what change is necessary to achieve the physique they want or they are not willing to make the changes necessary.

Now, I am not talking about lifestyle change here, as achieving a healthy physique for everyday life shouldn't come with extreme sacrifice.

What I am talking about, is extreme physique alteration...

How can we grow maximum amounts of muscle or achieve a physique with bare minimum levels of body fat and what can you expect to give up in order to achieve this goal?

Before I go on let me clarify something first as well...

Flexible Dieting is not above the law of sacrifice when it comes to achieving the ultimate physique. Sure, following a flexible approach helps with a whole host of otherwise negative aspects of a contest prep for a physique athlete, but there are, and always will be, some undeniable, unfixable and intolerably difficult phases of a prep that Flexible Dieting just cannot fix. So you want to achieve the ultimate physique?

  • Be prepared to be hungry

  • Be prepared to never be satisfied

  • Be prepared to be tired

  • Be prepared to be more easily irritable

  • Be prepared to lose your libido

  • Be prepared to recover slower

  • Be prepared to experience some social exclusion

  • Be prepared to get frustrated

  • Be prepared to potentially get weaker

  • Be prepared to sleep less

And all of those things are going to happen regardless of the quality of your coach too... That's right, not even a good coach can help those aspects of a prep.

Even worse, if you so happen to choose a coach that refuses to apply an evidence-based approach to contest prep then you may even be setting yourself up for more damage.

  • You may experience long-term metabolic issues

  • You may experience long-term psychological issues

  • You may experience long-term digestive issues

  • You may experience long-term hormonal issues

  • You may experience long-term fat gain above a level you've never been before.

Thankfully, those are avoidable if you choose a good coach.

Concerned yet?

Well, don't be... There is light at the end of this article. 

I'm not painting a very pretty picture of prep and I suppose some would think this is counterintuitive for someone like myself who makes a living out of getting people into contest shape, but I'm of the belief that knowledge is power in this industry.

Being able to acknowledge the potential negatives of an extreme fat loss phase that you may experience prior to engaging in a prep is without a doubt the best way to ensure you are actually prepared to succeed.

But... you have to be aware of the price of achieving your ultimate physique before you choose to commit to a prep.

Attempting to go beyond what is physically normal, there will be blood, sweat and probably some tears too.

You need to be prepared to make sacrifices in order to achieve something that is so far beyond the norm in today's society.

So before you decide on doing a prep, consider the following:

  • Are you willing to be hungry?

  • Can you say no to food when you are stressed?

  • How do you deal with being tired?

  • Are you prepared to train beyond your comfort zone?

  • Can you wake up earlier if it means making time to get your daily activity in?

  • Do you have a support group around you to help?

  • Are you willing to say no to friends when they encourage you to go off the plan?

  • Can you financially support yourself?

These are all the 'costs' of achieving the ultimate physique...

The question is, is the price worth it? 

Only you can decide that!


Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach Dean.