Weight Not Coming Off?

calories fitness food weight weight loss Sep 19, 2020

Ever attempted to diet but the weight just doesn't seem to budge even when you drop calories further?

The 5 key factors as to why this happens in my opinion are:

  1. Long-term yo-yo dieting

  2. Metabolic maladaptation

  3. Lack of focus on training performance

  4. Not enough time at caloric maintenance

  5. Short sited mindset

Long-term yo-yo dieting has to be the root evil of all dieting failures that we see in today's society. Every diet is based upon its success being driven by time... 4-week challenges, 8-week blitz's and 7-day cleanses.

Let me tell you this straight away... the number 1 successful thing I see short-term dietary interventions achieve is: Long-term dietary failure.

Yo-Yo dieting is one of the major causes of negative metabolic adaptation and those said challenges prey on the mindset of an individual who wants results fast.

I get it... we want results tomorrow.

But the reality is, if you've struggled with your weight for 5, 10 or 20 years, you can not expect to fix it in 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Long-term caloric restriction causes long-term metabolic down-regulation.

In lay terms, the harder you diet, the longer you do it for and the more frequently you yo-yo up and down in calories, the worse your metabolism becomes.

Your body is starved

Your metabolism shuts down to keep you alive

You burn less energy doing the same exercise

You lose more muscle

You gain more fat

Then when you take more calories out, it slows down even further.

We see this all the time... a client comes to us eating low calories, they have yo-yo up and down for years and they come to us desperate to get the weight off.We get their calories up to their theoretical maintenance and most maintain or even lose weight. They are happier, healthier and functioning better.

It looks great...

Then the calories come out again and their body shuts down, stops burning fat and their results stall AGAIN.

Diet memory kicks in... it's a relatively new phenomenon but empirically it's been apparent for years in the fitness industry.

So what do you need to do?

  • Calories need to remain high for an extended time

  • Focus should be on getting stronger and performing better

  • Forget about calorie restriction

In a nutshell... focus less on the scale number and more on the numbers you can improve on in the gym.



Becoming a healthier you is not a sprint but instead a marathon... even if it takes you 12 months to fix what 10 years of damage has caused, you still have a lot of your life to live, so worry less about now and focus more on the future.


Diet Smart. Not Hard. 

Coach Dean.