Gut Health, Insulin And Why They May NOT Matter...

calories coaching fitness flex success gut health insulin nutrition training Sep 22, 2020

Most coaches are promoting the importance of gut health and insulin sensitivity, and I get it, they are most definitely important, but all too often I think people focus on the wrong fruit hanging from the tree.

If your body were an apple tree and the apples that grew large and hung at the bottom were your major health markers, whereas the ones at the top, just out of reach were the minor health markers, insulin and gut health are at the top.

Which is where I think a lot of people are going wrong...

Over complication of something that is for the majority of the time, quite simple.

People need to remember to focus on the low hanging fruit first then reach for the top when those fruits don't give you what you want.

What do I mean by this?

All too often I see coaches blaming insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance and gut health for poor body composition... and sure they impact these factors.

But here is the reality...

The following 3 factors impact all of those health markers almost immediately:

1. Calorie restriction

2. Weight training/exercise

3. Bodyweight reduction


By simply controlling calories, placing yourself into a calorie deficit, training to be healthier and reducing your body weight, the following factors improve:

1. Mood increases

2. Gut microbiota changes positively

3. Insulin sensitivity increases (good)

4. Hormones improve


So as you can see, without even focusing on gut health protocols, nutrient timing or attempting to improve insulin sensitivity, merely controlling calories and training will positively impact these things almost immediately.

Which brings me back to the beginning of this post...

If you have a body fat issue and are wanting to change how you feel and how you look. Focus on the low hanging fruit first...

Exercise, control your calories and drop some bodyweight.

If you can do that, for the most part you will see positive change. If for some reason you don't, then focus on the higher pieces of fruit on the apple tree and see if they may be a limiting factor.

Focus on the majors first, tweak the minors second.


Diet Smart. Not Hard.

Coach Dean.